2012 – No Quarter was started by accident…

"Ever since I was a child, cycling has always been on my mind. The clichéd stories of drawing pictures of bicycles in schoolbooks and spending weekends riding, cleaning and working on my bikes are indeed true for me. I was always excellent at taking my bike to bits, not so much putting it back together safely, but I live to tell the tale.

After leaving school at 17 years old in 2012, I had £15 in my back pocket. I purchased a vintage racing bike off someone local to me, I then stripped the bike down and built it with new parts I'd begged a local distributor to let me have on credit so that I could then sell the bike. With the profit from the sale, I placed 'wanted' adverts in my local newspapers, and I purchased and sold vintage bikes on a daily basis, some of them never uncovered since the '60's.

Once I had gained a reputation within the cycling world for sourcing beautiful bikes, I knew I had to give my new venture a name... 'No Quarter' just worked.

I then wanted to expand No Quarter, so I searched the UK for the best painters, pinstripers, and airbrush artists to create No Quarter Paint, which is still operational. Dealing with manufacturers, racing teams, independent builders and passionate cyclists, we create some unique paint jobs.

In late 2016, we introduced No Quarter Detailing, which is a full range of premium cycle detailing products. The products are available at many retailers around the world, also gaining great reviews (9/10 in Cycling Weekly and Chris Froome's 'Objects of desire' in Pro Cycling).

My latest venture is the official collaboration between some of the world's largest music artists and the cycling world, in the form of cycling jerseys. After pitching my idea for bridging the gap between the two, we designed all the jerseys you see on this website. We've had a huge amount of fun creating official merchandise for each artist. I hope you will enjoy them as much as we've enjoyed creating No Quarter Sport"

James Langton - Director - james@noquartersport.co.uk